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Dear BMXperts,
Hey, my name is Joseph and I want to learn how to BMX. I have a Mongoose Outer limit with two sets of pegs on it, brake pads on both wheels and a kickstand on it. My friends say that it is a crappy bike and I do too. If you think it is crappy, and be honest, tell me what kind of bike I should get for a beginner. If you don’t, then tell me what modifications I should make. Also, I need to know how to start to BMX, like where to start or what trick I should begin with. Keep up the good work with the magazines, and e-mail me back.  Bye!
Joseph Solivan
Orefield, PA

ANS-Don’t have to ask us twice to be honest, its crappy. Glad we are all at least on the same page. Good thing for you Joseph, there are options. First things first, you are going to need some cash for a new ride and that is going to take some time, so begin by leaning the bike you have out. You probably don’t need four pegs and may not even want any, so strip those off and save about two pounds. Next, caliper brakes don’t work in the front; so get rid of those, the lever and the cable to save another pound. If you still have the stupid cardboard thing in the front wheel from the store, get rid of that, along with the chain guard, which will only break eventually and stab you in the leg. Finally, remove the kickstand and laugh at it like some mad scientist. Why does an $88 bike need to be propped up on display anyway? Now, sell all that garbage for scrap and start saving your pennies. There are a lot of great companies offering affordable BMX bikes, like DK and Fiction, for under $200 that will suit a beginning rider much better. As for where to start, you probably already have. Jump curbs, race your friends around town and have fun, tricks will come later and much easier the more you know your bike. So get your pedal on Joseph and hit us up when you get your new bike for some tricks.

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