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Q: Hi,
My name is Blake and I am ten-years-old. There are no BMX jumps or skate parks near me; the closest ones are like 20 kilometers away. So, my mates and I made a petition up to get some dirt jumps built. They built them and they’re really bad. There is a roller to get speed off of, but it is only about one and a half meters tall. From the roll in there is about a meter of flat before the lip to the first double and it is like two meters tall, so it’s like impossible to jump. On the other side of that is a set of whoops that are about a half meter high and there are only three of them. We thought this was rubbish because we got 1247 signatures to have the jumps built. What can we do now?
Hock Wannero, Perth, Australia

A: Blake, not sure how the legal system works down there, but given your countries relative state of peace right now, we would guess that they operate by a sane system of consideration and reason. We know, your ten, you don’t care about that, but some legal flexibility could play to your advantage here. Here in the states, we have a place called Sheep Hills, famous for its dirt jumps, so famous in fact, that when the city decided they were going to plow these dangerous piles of bike breaking dirt, a petition with thousands of signatures pushed the city into making a bike “park” out of the secluded area. While the jumps were now protected, the law also detailed that no changes could be made, meaning no maintenance or changing of the jumps. News flash guys! The entire purpose of dirt is being able to change and mend it as desired. So another legal round with the city allowed for some “flexibility” to the rule, as long as jumps were equally built and maintained for all skill levels. Long story short, talk with the powers that be and see if you cant make some sort of deal, allowing you and your friends to get your hands dirty and build some jumps that actually work and flow. Go to them with a plan that will benefit all skill levels, and even more importantly, wont cost them any money and we are pretty sure you will be able to make a BMX landmark out of your current Skidmark.

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