ASK THE BMXPerts: Cranks Or Cassette?
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Dear mailbag, 
My name is Sam and I am 13 years old.  My birthday is coming up in June, and
I am asking for Demolition Revolt cranks.  However, I also want a new
cassette wheel.  It is a Demolition Rouge.  The only problem, is these two
are too expensive to get together. Which one should I get?  The old parts
are both stock off a Felt chasm 2010.  What should I ask for?  Thanks for
listening, and keep making the best mag in the world!
Your reader,
Sam B.

Hey Sam,
That’s a good question but the answer depends on how bad you need them versus if you just want them.  The Chasm came with 8-spline 3pc cranks and a 9t rear cassette hub, so are those parts actually worn out?  If your cassette is skipping, worn out, or your wheel is totally trashed then we would say go with the new wheel because that will give you the most noticeable result and benefits.  You’ll drop a little weight and gain a lot of strength. Riding with a beat up wheel sucks, and if your hub is skipping then there’s potential to get hurt which nobody wants.  More than likely your cranks are working ok because it is really hard to destroy a set of cranks, so we’re assuming that you just want to upgrade them and maybe drop some weight in the process which is great but not as important as having a functioning set of wheels.  Also, the cranks are less expensive than the wheel is, so that will be easier for you to save up the money to replace later on your own.  So there you have it, start with the wheel and then move on to the cranks.

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