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Hey guys,

I was hoping to see my question already answered. Almost, but not quite. I bought my 9 year old son a Mirraco Velle two years ago and gave my youngest the hand me down Specialized Hot Rock. I took them to the local track the other day and they absolutely loved it! That being said I can and will get more use out of a BMX cruiser than I will out of my road bike and mountain bike. I plan to sell them and get a 24 in. cruiser.

I need your advice to narrow my focus of options. I would like more race oriented as I don’t see myself testing the bike/skate park. I’m more of a racetrack or trail rider. What type of material am I looking for in a complete bike? Brand and model specific would be very helpful.

I’ve been looking at the following:

Redline Flight Pro 24 - too pricey
Intense Code 24
SE Floval Flyer 24
Among others

My specifics:
Height - 6’ 3”
Weight - 220 - 230lbs
Inseam - 34”

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

McDonough, GA

There are more and more dads in your same shoes Brandon and because of that there are more options then ever in the world of 24’s. The one thing we don’t know is how skilled of a rider you are, so we will assume you have basic skills and will be racing semi regularly; once or twice a week at the local level. As a racer, you will find that the chromoly “freestyle” cruisers will be a little heavy and may handle too quickly for the track. This is where aluminum race cruisers shine. They are stiff, strong, lightweight and stable and you don’t have to pay a ton of money to expect this sort of performance out of a bike. Since there are so many options, we will break down the three bikes you have been looking at.

REDLINE FLIGHT PRO 24- You note on this bike was that it was too Pricey. Our solution? Check out the Proline 24. We just tested it in the September 2013 issue and loved it. It is the same look and geometry as the Flight, it is just a few ounces heavier in the frame and is a step down in the parts department. The good thing is you can benefit from top of the line handling now and upgrade parts over time.

INTENSE CODE 24- The Code is an exceptionally good buy right now because you get proven geometry and a Sinz parts package at closeout pricing. Intense BMX has gone through some changes and we probably wont be seeing a strong presence from them in the upcoming years. The cool thing is you get a really cool, high end cruiser for about 25% below the original MSRP, the down side is, we aren’t really sure what this means for your long term warranty.

SE FLOVAL FLYER 24- This is not the lightest weight or stiffest bike in the bunch, but we really love it. You will pay a bit extra for the nostalgia of the bike, but they have done an amazing job of blending the oldschool look with new school performance. For riders who don’t want to get beat up by an overly stiff, elite level frame, this is our top pick with its strong parts package, history and stable ride characteristics.

Hope this helps Brandon, good luck at the track.

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