ASK THE BMXPerts: Under $600 and under 41Lbs
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Dear BMXperts,

    My name is Nathan, I am 12 years old and I live in a small town in Texas called Aledo. I have always loved riding my bike around doing some tricks up and down the street. I got a bike not to long ago for my birthday, it was a Mongoose K.O. It is really a great bike but is extremely heavy (41 pounds). I have tried to do cool tricks off my ramps but its so heavy it’s hard to get enough air to do anything. I have been looking for a bike that’s lightweight, tough, and awesome but I don’t really know what’s best. I have looked at some Haro, Fit Bike Co., and DK bikes but I have no clue what bike/brand is the best. My price range is under $600. I hope you could give me some ideas of bikes that would be the best. Thanks. P.S. I absolutely love the mag!
Nathan Reding
Aledo, TX

ANS- There are so many bikes in that price range its almost impossible to peg one down. There are over 57 brands out there that offer completes or frames that can be built up using a kit from Stolen Bikes for that much or less. All the brands you listed are great, but we aren’t about to throw you to the wolves here Nate, so lets break this down. You like your K.O. and at 41lbs it had better be tough, but what good is tough if you cant get it off the ground? So forget upgrading your frame, its probably the root of the problem. Most completes in your price range should weigh in at about 25lbs or less, so consider the weight loss, that’s 16lbs! You could take the weight of Ryan Guettler’s Mirraco out of your ride and it would still be heavy. Since just about any reputable bike would be an upgrade, even one of the nicer Mongoose bikes, like the Shield or Legion, lets focus on the brands you mentioned. All are quality bikes and are offered in a huge range of styles and prices. Since you are young, you may want to take advantage of the new, wider range of top tube length options Haro has to offer, if you are looking for room to grow, if not, all brands offer bikes that you should find to be a perfect fit, with roughly a 20.5” top tube. As a younger rider you may also want to check out Brett “Maddog” Banasiewicz signature 2011 DK, ideal for smaller riders. If you are in search of a more style-specific ride, then Fit has you covered with models built specifically for a wide variety of riding, from brakeless street to trails. So as you see the options are endless, but if you break down each brand, it will be easy to find your perfect match.

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