ASK THE BMXPerts: Editor’s first bike
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What year did you get your first bike and how old were you and what type was it and where did you buy it?
Nick Cacciola

In the English language this is what we like to call a “run-on” sentence, or in your case, question, but hey, when in Rome… I got my first bike, as in one I didn’t have to borrow from my brother when he wasn’t around to beat me up for it, in 1986, I was six years old, in first grade and my teacher was Ms. Woodstock who was not attractive at all so I had no need to try and impress her with my candy-red Murry Track-Certified which was purchase by my parents at Sears for $64, complete with a kick stand and coaster brake which was great for roasting power skids and leaving me with a half crank of slop that would result in me stuffing my knee into the horrible quill-style stem at least once a week as I would speed home from school and then off to the dirt lip we scuffed out of the hillside down the street. There Nick, my sentence was longer then yours and now you know where I got my start. So if anyone wants to complain about their bike being junk and use that as their excuse for not trying, unless you have a story about cutting your leg on a broken coaster-brake strap, or having to remove your stem bolt and thread the flats in your bars through the gap to remove them, I’m pretty sure I have you beat. So if it has wheels, ride it to death and use it as your reason to improve, because remember, sponsored riders get their bikes for free.

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