Platform Race Pedal Buyer’s Guide
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With the news of USA BMX’s rule change not allowing Novice racers to use clipless pedals, we’ve stepped in to help you out and compiled 10 trick platform pedals


A new rule set in place by USA BMX for 2013 bars the use of clipless shoes and pedals for Novice class racers. The decision was made for safety and “Spirit of the class” reasons, but this doesn’t mean you are without performance options when it comes to lightweight pedals and shoe biting traction. We put together a list of our top race picks for all riders in need of race flats and regardless of your skill level, budget or size, you will find a perfect pedal to suit your cranks pushing needs.

      Shimano’s latest offering to their pedal lineup are the all new Saint platform pedals.  Based off the successes of the classic DX platform, Shimano raised the bar and improved on a tried and true design.  The new Saint pedals feature a lower profile CNC pedal body to help minimize the pedals from clipping the ground around turns, and a wider cage gives your feet a larger surface to rest on.  There are 18 replaceable pins per pedal and they spin freely thanks to the sealed bearings and hardened chromoly spindle.

Photo: Shimano

      You don’t see Kobe Bryant wearing a size 5 shoe because that’s all there is, so why should you be riding a pro size pedal if you’ve got small feet?  Sinz knows that the little guys need the right size gear and that’s why they have the Sinz Mini platform pedals.  A grippy alloy platform with 12 replaceable pins per pedal keep your feet where they’re supposed to be, and at only 340 grams the pedals are light so you can get around the track as quick as possible.

Photo: Sinz

WELLGO MG-52 $54
The MG-52’s are nothing new to racers, thanks to their insanely lightweight magnesium bodies, low profile and tight to the crank arm cut. Though light on weight, at only 15.7-ounces, they are heavy on traction with a fully knurled pedal surface, eight replaceable traction pins per side and a mild concave to really help them bite into your shoes. Turning on sealed bearings, they are available in black or white, are completely rebuildable and are a perfect fit for any mid to large size racer.

Photo: Wellgo

Tioga is one of the few brands thinking outside the box to reduce weight and try to improve pedal performance. Their D-Spyder pedals feature a high void yet broad standing surface, CNC machined body, fit with three sealed bearings per side and durable chromoly axles to support even the largest rider. The pedals are designed to be low profile to reduce the chance of pedal roll and feature eight replaceable traction pins per side. To custom set your pedal bite and feel, a full set of 32 flat and pointed head pins are included. Without pins they weigh in at just under 11-ounces and thanks to their unique size and shape, are a great fit for a broad range of riders, large and small.

Photo: Tioga

For large riders seeking as much foot support and traction as possible, without all the excess weight, then the Speedline Platforms are a great choice. The bodies are CNC machined from aluminum for an ultra low profile to prevent pedal roll, yet still offer the feel and traction of a mild concave. Turning on precision bushings, traction is provided by a whopping ten replaceable traction pins per side and thanks to their heat treated chromoly spindles, even at 17.4-ounces a set, they have no problem supporting even the largest rider. Available in seven anodized colors.

Photo: Speedline

When traction is a must and slipped pedals are not an option, the ZUZU pedals continue to be the go to option for any serious racer. Turning on sealed bearings and a durable chromoly spindle, they may not be the lightest pedals at the ball, weighing in at 21-ounces a set, but with 28 traction pins per pedal, its easy to see where the extra weight comes from. Each side packs 10 replaceable pins and four fixed pins and when paired with a modest concave to the pedal body, the ZUZUs are without a doubt as close as you can get to clipped in performance, without being clipped in.

Photo: Sun Ringle

The Faceoff pedals offer riders the unique advantage of improved traction when it’s needed most, without all the extra pins and resulting weight. The pedals turn on a chromoly spindle with sealed inner bearings and precision outer bushings, allowing for a low profile and deep concave. The pedal bodies are a two piece design allowing for each overlapping half to pivot on the spindle body and are joined at either end by rubber bushings. This unique design means the harder you stand on the ten pedal pins per side, the harder they will push back into your foot, so they actually increase in traction when you need them most. Weighing only 13.5-ounces a set, they are rebuildable and available in a variety of interchangeable colors, making them an ideal pedal for larger, more serious racers.

Photo: Xpedo

SHIMANO DX (MX30)  $89
      Perhaps one of the most popular platform pedals ever is the Shimano DX platform.  Shimano’s classic DX pedals have been around for years and feature a lightweight alloy body with a chromoly spindle.  Each pedal spins on a sealed inner bearing and one outer bushing.  There are 20 replaceable pins per pedal giving you plenty of grip shere you need it and they weigh in at only 492 grams.

Photo: Shimano

      Being that Wellgo manufactures pedals for the majority of BMX brands, it’s safe to say that they know a thing or two about making good pedals.  The Wellgo Mini platform uses a forged body that has been downsized for smaller feet.  There are 8 replaceable pins on each side for a total of 16 per pedal giving you pleanty of grip as well as the option to customize how you want the pedal to feel.  The pedals spin on chromoly spindles with unsealed bearings and are available in black, black or even more black.

Photo: Dans Comp

For riders who prefer more traditional looking pedals but don’t want to compromise weight or traction, the new Detox pedals are a great option. They turn on a chromoly spindle with a sealed inner bearing and precision outer bushing, allowing for an extremely low profile to reduce pedal roll. The body is made of lightweight magnesium and fit with ten traction pins per side, resulting in an insanely light 11.9-ounce pedal set that doesn’t shy in the bite department. Their large platform offer plenty of support for larger feet and thanks to their fully rebuildable design, they are worth keeping around, even when you start clipping in.


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