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Cool new stuff from the Interbike Trade show

Interbike happens but once a year and all of the companies bring out their newest and best to turn heads, raise eyebrows and sometimes confuse the BMX public. We pooled a few products that have us excited for 2013 and are sure to pave the way for the greatest year for BMX ever.

We snagged a sneak peek at the new Kenda street tire which will be available exclusively on select DK products.

The Generations of Freestyle booth had a little bit of everything, from day one of freestyle to present. Everything from Hoffman’s motorized Condor to Ron Wilkerson’s Riot Wall were on display along with covers from more then three decades of BMX.

DK had a prototype race frame on display that stole the show. Bladed aluminum forks with closed dropouts for a 20mm axle, an integrated headtube with a 1 1/8” bearing on top and 1 1/4” bearing on the bottom, a PF30 bottom bracket and 20mm slotted rear dropouts. All of these things are designed to work together to fight flex and create what they hope will be the fastest frame on the planet.

Never count out Eastern when it comes to new tech. Their prototype new fork features hydroformed legs so there are no dropouts to be welded on. Early tests show the fork is lighter and stronger and most conventional forks. We are curious to see how it is received by BMXers.

Redline joined the extreme high end on the freestyle side. Their new Column complete will retail for $1199 with a Device frame and full aftermarket parts package, including Redlines full Device line, as well as accessories from Odyssey and Sun. Cant wait to ride this bike.

Has there ever been a better time to buy a bike. Verde has some unbelievable completes, like the new $599 Radia which has everything under the sun for the experienced rider from a full chromoly frame, fork and bar to tons of Duo accessories.

The new Flight line from Redline has seen some upgrades, along with 120-point engagement hubs.

MCS broke the mold and came up with some new completes and frames for the serious racer. We are stoked to see some fresh ideas from the deep rooted race brand and are looking forward to a test.

The who’s who of all BMX turned out, including Colombia’s Olympic stars; Carlos Oquendo and Mariana Pajon who were in the Shimano booth, along with Maris Strombergs and Sam Willoughby signing autographs.

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