NEWS: 10 Parts Under $20
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Got a few extra bucks laying around and aren’t sure what to get?  Let us help you out with a mini buyer’s guide to 10 parts under $20 to get your bike dialed

      If you’re looking to beef up your braking power then it might be time to check out the Eclat Force brake pads. The Force pads feature an internal alloy body to maximize brake stiffness and they are available in 3 different hardness choices, black, white or clear for painted or anodized rims.  You can pick up the Eclat Force brake pads for $12.99

      The ODI Longneck grips are the most copied grip design in all of BMX, and with good reason.  A blend of the perfect rubber compound and soft grip pattern make the Longnecks extremely comfortable while giving them a long lifespan.  You can get the Longnecks in a variety of options like flangeless, Xl or super soft and there are more color options than you can imagine.  Check out the ODI Longneck grips for $10.99 and your hands will thank you.

      The Shadow Conspiracy Linear brake cable give you the stiffness and power that you need.  The linear housing is pre-lubed and features an inner Teflon lining that when combined with the Teflon coated cable make your brakes buttery smooth.  The double ended cable allows you to use it as a lower rotor cable if needed and they even include a Knarp to allow for dual cable routing, all for only $9.99

      Made from a super durable nylon composite, the Cult PC pedals feature a knurled, concave pedal platform with 14 molded plastic pins per side giving your feet maximum traction.  The pedals spin on hardened chromoly spindles with unsealed bearings and weigh in at only 16 ounces.  For only $15.99 you can get the Cult PC pedals in black, blue, red, orange or white.

      Perhaps the most important part every rider should have on their bike is also one of the least expensive thanks to Duo and the Resilite bar ends.  The Resilite bar ends are made from a lightweight nylon composite material and are available in black, white, red, purple, green and blue.  The Duo Resilite bar ends are only $2.99, a small price to pay for a part that can save your life.

If you have a few extra bucks and you are looking to maximize performance on the track or on the streets, there is no single better way to spend it then on a set of lightweight tubes. If you are currently running bulky thorn resistant tubes, you can save more then a pound in rotating weight by picking up a set and all for about $12. The best part is you can pick them up at any bike shop and improve you acceleration, bunnyhops and bike control today.

Just because your chain isn’t broken doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be replaced. Chains can stretch over time resulting in dropped chains, tight and loose spots as well as premature wear on your sprocket and driver. So if your chain is broken, or just tired, consider the 1/8” Bluebird chain from Odyssey for $19, complete with center punched pins to prevent backing out and a half link built in for fine tuning chain length. Racers might want to consider the Rhythm Pro chain for $19 which offers lightweight performance with the longevity of solid center punched pins and solid side plates.

On the track or at the trails, there is nothing worse then chunked up palms when you could have spent $19 and protected your hands. Racers will love the Fly Lite gloves, available in a full range of adult and youth sizes, in black, blue or red to match most gear sets with a slim, flexible fit to make sure your hands are safe, without losing touch with the bars. Dirt jumpers on the other hand may prefer the Pryme Good Day gloves. Designed to be flexible, yet durable so you can dig and ride in the same gloves, they feature a single strap closure, graphics that will make you smile and are available in adult sizes.

Whether you want to save some weight or simply make your bike look a little more trick, headset spacers are a simple and affordable solution. For less then $2 per 5mm spacer, you can get translucent polycarbonate headset spacers from FSA in blue, green, orange or pink. Weighing half that of aluminum spacers, it’s a quick and easy way to mix things up. If carbon is more you cup of tea, then Morphine’s carbon spacer kits are ideal. The three spacer sets, with a 3, 5, and 10mm spacer are lightweight and available in black, blue, green, purple, red or silver for $9. 

Tired of having to ask all your friends if they have a Hex wrench you can borrow every time your bars move or seat slips? Good, because we are sick of you asking. For only $10 you can get Park Tool’s AWS-12 Hex wrench set, which includes all popular metric and Standard Hex wrench sizes for BMX. This means you can adjust your Stolen stem and your friends S&M stem without ever having to put your wrench set down. 


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