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We got a chance to check out GT’s new carbon contender, and it doesn’t disappoint

One thing is for sure, when GT does high-end, they do it 100%. The GT BMX crew applied some of the greatest technology available to them through their mountain and road bike lines to create the ultimate riding machine. Currently in the final phases of testing, we got a sneak peek and thought we would share with you what the future of carbon bike design holds.

Lighter Weight
a . GT Carbon Frame is 10% lighter weight than Aluminum GT Speed Series b . GT frame and fork combination is 15% Lighter than Redline Flight Carbon with an Answer Dagger fork c . GT Carbon fork is 5% lighter than Sinz Carbon (195lbs rider weight limit), and 36% lighter than GT
Chromoly race fork d . BB30 allows for 12% lighter crank set assembly.
The combined weight savings of the frame, fork and BB30 drivetrain make the GT Carbon the quickest accelerating BMX bike available.

Increase Strength
a . GT Carbon frame passed the reverse frame pull test at 2,500 lbs of force caused by landing 50/50 from a jump, which is 4 times more than required. Passed impact test at 2150 lbs of force caused by hitting the front wheel, which is 3 times more than required.
b . GT Carbon fork is 9% stronger than Answer Dagger and 30% stronger than Sinz Carbon Fork. c . Full Carbon steerer used on the GT fork will last longer from fatigue forces compared to the aluminum steerer used
in the Answer Dagger fork.
The GT Carbon Speed Series has the highest strength to weight ratio in BMX.

Increase Stiffness
Reducing flex caused by pedaling forces makes makes frames react faster. Our carbon frame is 28% stiffer at the Bottom Bracket compared to the GT Aluminum Speed Series frame, which will get you out of the starting gate quicker.

Frame and Fork Kit includes:
GT carbon frame with QuickChange dropouts, integrated quick release seat post clamp, carbon fork, 15mm-3/8” axle adapter hat washers front and rear, Integrated FSA Orbit tapered sealed bearing headset with matching cone washer, and FSA threaded BB adapter.

MSRP US $1,299.99

Sizes: 20” Pro, Pro XL, and Pro XXL

Tapered Head Tube and Steerer tube
1-1/8”-1.5” tapered head tube and fork steerer allows the lightest and industry first full carbon BMX race fork without a rider weight limit. The 1.5mm lower bearing provides an exceptionally strong, stiff structure with improved steering response, reduced flex and greater impact deflection. The 1-1/8” upper steerer tube is compatible with standard BMX stems and wrapped with an aluminum sleeve in the stem clamping area to prevent potential damage from over tightening stem bolts.

Quick Change Dropout
Once the desired chain tension is set and wheel is correctly aligned, the vertical entry dropouts allow the rear wheel to be removed and installed without readjusting the wheel position. Innovative chain adjusting bolts are designed so they remain flush with the rear of the frame and do not extend out and exposed to potential damage.

BB30 Oversized Bottom Bracket
Improved torsional stiffness for better pedaling efficiency at a lighter weight. The elimination of BB cups used in traditional Euro (threaded) bottom brackets and the ability to use larger bearings inside the BB Shell enables the use of hollow aluminum crank spindle with a savings up to 110 grams and reducing assembly weight up to 12%. Moving the bearing inside and reducing the spindle width permits improved curvature of the crank arms and increase ankle clearance. An adaptor is supplied so the frame is still compatible with traditional threaded BMX cranks.

Integrated Quick Release
GT offers the only BMX frame available with internal Seat Post Clamp with quick release lever slot that is integrated into the shape of the frame.

Be sure to keep an eye on the magazine, where you will get a first look at the bike in action with the test force and a full review.


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