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Eddie Fiola’s modern twist on a classic design. Brace yourselves oldschoolers!

We were pretty psyched to see these images in our Inbox. Here is a little bit about the new business venture and bike put forth by the “King of The Skatparks,” Eddie Fiola.

Eddie Fiola, the BMX legend known as “The King of the Skateparks”, introduces
his first signature model the “EF|PROFORMER”. The 100% American made
collection includes a frame/fork/bar. This limited collection delivers new
school attributes in a classic frame style he made famous in the 80’s. Only
250 sets will be sold in his favorite colors, solid yellow with black accents
giving this modern classic a timeless appeal.

The EF|PROFORMER has been ridden and perfected by Eddie himself. The lucky
recipients of this frame/fork/bar collection will know that they are riding
the exact same bike as Eddie Fiola is today. 

“I know some people will want to preserve this, but I prefer they ride it.
Seeing someone riding this bike would be the best reward,” says Eddie.

For the launch Eddie is offering fifty lucky buyers a chance at a limited
collector set. Each set includes, “My Life Behind Bars” a 22 page photo book,
t-shirt, sticker pack, and EF|PROFORMER decal sheet. Eddie will sign each
frame and also call each customer to congratulate them on the purchase. MSRP
is $800 not including shipping and available exclusively at .

The remaining 200 sets will be offered with out the extra goodies as a
frame/fork/bar set only. These will include the EF|PROFORMER decal sheet. All
other collector items will be available separately at The .
MSRP is $700 and will be available as the sets are manufactured.

All three pieces of the collections will be serial numbered. Another unique
offering is that buyers will have the ability to choose their preferred
numbers during the checkout process. 
“We did our due diligence on this.” says Eddie, “I won’t put my name on just
anything, which is why it has taken so long to launch a signature model.
Partnering with Johnny at True Torch was really important to me, because his
quality has always been the pinnacle of great BMX bikes Made in the USA.“

True Torch Welding has a long standing tradition of being the best bicycle
fabricator in the United States. Owner, Johnny Severns is a legend in the
industry and the goto guy for many major brands. His shop in Santa Ana, CA is
world renowned and has been turning out quality bikes for more than three

For more information visit

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