NEWS: Red Bull Dirt Conquers Results & Photos
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Red Bull has done it again with another unbeatable dirt contest.  Check out the images and results inside

The challenge was achieved successfully; three different specialties of BMX together (dirt, street and park) seemed a nearly impossible success, but Red Bull Dirt Conquers made it possible with 25 of the best riders in the world that showed their expertise at an audience of fifteen thousand people in Parque Metropolitano.

Not even the rain of a previous day, nor the 28 degrees Celsius, stopped the people from attending early morning to the event. From hours before the event started, the place was already full.

Ryan Nyquist (USA) showed why he is the legend and took victory in this first edition of Red Bull Dirt Conquers. He is a multiple winner in several competitions around the world such as X-Games, and since 15 years ago keeps winning in the best BMX events. In fact, he made it to the qualifiers with the best score, and kept the first place until he actually made it to the podium.

His fellow, AJ Anaya, from Chihuahua, made a spectacular routine by being able to air over two meters but also he was able to master a 360 triple tailwhip before falling to the ground.

“The key was consistency. It was important to make the tricks at the right moment. Undoubtedly AJ has been a good competitor and I felt a competitive pressure”, said Nyquist. The Californian was one of the favorites to win the competition.

Nyquist is a specialist of dirt and park and showed a solid routine with backflips, barspins and tailwhips without a single mistake.

“Red Bull Dirt Conquers was amazing. To be honest this is the most original event I have ever seen. It was wonderful and I hope I can come back to compete one more time. I believe this has a great future ahead and today was a success.”

While the capsule, made of steel, seemed to be the most difficult challenge to overcome in the course that was put together by Dave King and Alex Vazquez, the competitors expressed that it was not an easy track, however every part of the circuit forced them to give the best out of them. That was the case with Australian Ryan Guettler who hypnotized the audience by doing the double backflip, but unfortunately he had three knockdowns in the final round that cost him the podium.

For Anaya, the second place is not a negative result. “I feel very good. It was a huge competition. Being second next to Ryan is something I feel proud about because he is a legend. Maybe the last fall cost me more than anything, but I was trying to look to the judges in between the trick. If I had continued like this I would undoubtedly have been better.”

The Brazilian Leandro Moreira took the final spot in the podium. Meanwhile, Mike Clark won the special prize for the best trick, while American Rob Darden was fourth but was recognized with the best line. Dirt Conquers had an open spot to Anthony Napolitan’s Red Bull Dreamline event which went to Ryan Guettler.


Final Results

1. Ryan Nyquist                    EUA       89.00

2. AJ Anaya                          EUA       88

3. Leandro Moreira                BRA       86.20

4. Rob Darden                       EUA       85.00

5. Maxime Charveron             FRA        84.40

6. Corey Bohan                     AUS       82.60

7. Ryan Guettler                    AUS       82.20

8. Sergio Layos                      ESP        81.80

9. Ben Wallace                       GBR       81.60

10. Víctor Salazar                  EUA       81.00

11. Anthony Napolitan         EUA        80.60
12. Michael Beran                 CZE        77.80   


Photo credits: Lucho Vidales / Red Bull content pool.


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