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Red Bull R.Evolution will return in 2013 • The world’s leading BMX racers compete at Mellowpark Berlin on August 17

The BMX Revolution Continues!

Munich, June 7, 2013 – Red Bull R.Evolution is back! On August 17, 2013, the world’s best BMX racers will rock the German capital again – and you can watch them live on site and on the Internet! Just like in the previous year, Mellowpark Berlin will be the venue for a unique BMX Supercross event that will inspire riders and fans alike. The improved track will offer the riders exciting new obstacles that have never been seen before in BMX and that will emphasize the racing spirit of the event. For information on tickets (from € 5 and up), live webcast and side events, visit


The evolution of BMX Supercross is in full swing! Following the overwhelmingly successful premiere of Red Bull R.Evolution in 2012, the event is again dedicated to progression and innovation. For the planning of the 2013 edition, the participants of last year’s event provided their feedback. Red Bull and track designer Tom Ritzenthaler (Elite Trax) precisely analysed mode, schedule and course of the event. In the end, they had enough insights to improve the event set-up and create the perfect conditions for an unparalleled race. BMX fans can look forward to jaw-dropping runs and exciting head-to-head duels, while new obstacles and challenges expect the riders.

After the event, the track will be maintained for the German BMX racing scene and Berlin’s youth. This makes Mellowpark a one-of-a-kind BMX Mecca for Germany and the whole of Europe. In cooperation with the German Cycling Federation (BDR), Mellowpark has recently applied for an official stop of the UCI Supercross World Cup. An annual race on their home turf would be a unique opportunity for German BMX racers to prepare for the 2016 Olympics.

In 2013, the vision of Red Bull R.Evolution has stayed the same: to create an innovative event for the BMX racing scene and take the sport to the next level. “If BMX races would have been like this 5 years ago, I would never have given it up”, BMX pro Kris Fox praised the track after the 2012 race. This time, 28 of the world’s best riders (according to the UCI ranking) will come to Berlin. 8 wild cards will join them. On the evening of August 17, this high-carat field will turn Mellowpark into a cauldron. Red Bull R.Evolution is back, and it has many future development options for this exciting sport on board! Tickets are available in advance sale and online from € 5 and up. For further information, please visit


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BMX Supercross:

BMX Supercross is no sport for cowards. In groups of 8 and with up to 60 km/h, riders race down the starting ramp. With such speed, they ride over huge jumps, banks, rhythm sections and step-up jumps. The contestants give everything their muscles and endurance allow. At the same time, they have to stay extremely focussed to master the technically demanding tracks faultlessly. Right away, their untamed energy and excitement transfers to the crowd.

Mellowpark Berlin:

Mellowpark in Berlin-Koepenick is a venue for youth culture offering Europe’s biggest BMX and skate park. Pros and amateurs come here to practice, have fun and follow their passion. Since 10 years, Red Bull has supported the vision of Mellowpark Berlin. The common aim is to create perfect training conditions for the skate and BMX scene and give wings to rookie riders. Since the construction of the BMX racing track for Red Bull R.Evolution 2012, the BMX racing discipline has joined BMX freestyle at Mellowpark. From the beginning, the track has held great appeal to the locals. After Red Bull R.Evolution 2013, Red Bull will again leave the track to the scene for further racing fun and as the base for an officially approved UCI track in order to make international World Cup races possible from 2014 on.


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