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Redline’s Sam Willoughby talks about destroying the consecutive win record in Elite Men and shares a little winning advice with you.

All we talk about is how insanely difficult it is to make mains in the Elite classes, let along consistently win. Meanwhile, you are on a terror, destroying the previous record set by John Purse in 1998, of 7 consecutive AA wins with a whopping 13 after Rockford. What’s your secret?

“I came into this season really well prepared, we actually had an off season to train which helped. I think my secret only goes as far as, I really love racing these races and I am living a childhood dream in the US, so nothing seems too hard…”

You have always been a consistent rider, do you feel the total points (three lap) USA BMX mains help?

“No I don’t think its made a difference, I like three mains, but we have had one main as well a lot of times this year and I like that too… There is just a bit more strategy involved with 3 mains. I think the difference is work I am putting in at home with my Coach Sean Dwight and I am just an all round better rider than I have been.”

Is this winning streak more pressure or do you just focus on the individual wins?

“No, its been fun! It has exceeded my expectations… So I have just been doing the same things and stay out front.”

For many Olympians, this is their year to “take it easy” before training starts for 2016. Is taking it easy taking the edge off, or are you taking advantage while others are taking it easy?

“I don’t think any BMXers can afford a “take it easy” year… I am defiantly working hard… I love this stuff just as much as the Olympics and I want to walk away from this sport knowing I did all I could.”

Do you have any pre-race techniques to prep yourself for the win?

“I have routines I get in through out the day… Most of all it’s just about keeping calm and visualizing myself doing what I want to do.”

Any advice for riders looking for more consistent wins?

“Live in a bubble, and ride a Redline cause both streaks were on one! (John Purse on a Proline and Sam Willoughby on a P79) 


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