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Pros and Ams join forces for Mongoose’s unique dirt, park and street team events.



Mongoose Jam Dirt Comp

The official start of Mongoose Jam kicked off at Woodward East with the Dirt Comp at Big Dirt. The entire camp gathered to watch the pros and their fellow campers compete for the glory of the win. Each team had at least two riders competing, with the option to have all their riders show off their Dirt skills. Competitors rode the Dirt course four times and each team’s top two scores were averaged for a final score. The win went to the team with the highest averaged score.

It’s the mix of the amateurs riding with the pros that makes the Mongoose Jam so exciting and unique. Three Woodward campers rode in the DIrt today for their team, including Colton Walker who pulled a double truck, double tail whip, and 360 downside whip for Team McCann. On the pro side, the crowd went insane for Rob Darden’s (Team White) 720 and Daniel Sandoval’s (Team McCann) 360 downside whip and no handed front flip. At the end of the Dirt competition at Big Dirt, it was Jeremiah Smith’s runs that propelled Team McCann to the win. In his first run, Smith chucked the bars over the first jump, three’d the second, double tail whipped the third, and finished with a one foot table and downside whip. In a later run, he followed up with a 360 superman seat grab.

After today’s dirt comp, it’s Team McCann in the lead for the $50,000 prize purse. Next the teams compete in the BMX Park contest.

Dirt Comp Top Five Individual

1. Jeremiah Smith (Team McCann)
2. Daniel Sandoval (Team McCann)
3. Pat Casey (Team Peraza)
4. Chris Doyle (Team Illingworth)
5. Rob Darden (Team White)

Dirt Comp Team Results

1. Team McCann
2. Team Peraza
3. Team Illingworth
4. Team White
5. Team Wallace
6. Team Ryan

Mongoose Jam Park Comp

The Mongoose Jam Park Comp went down in Lot 8 at Camp Woodward. The second Mongoose Jam event featured 27 riders, including 21 of the world’s best pros and all six amateur Woodward campers. Each rider was given 40 seconds and three runs, with the best session counting as their final score. Riders were scored by a panel of three judges that focused on the number and difficulty of tricks, along with the guys’ unique ride style. It wasn’t always about the trick, but the line the rider took to land it.

The Woodward campers showed that nothing about their riding style is amateur when they hit the park. Jamie Cooper-Ellis showed crazy skills when he landed a truckdriver to tuck no hander, a double truck to 540 bars and feeble to bar in one run. Twelve year old Ben Kavanaugh hit a truckdriver, alleyoop barspin and toothie hanger during his run.

Insane highlights from the pros included Dennis Enarson’s dark side icepick to nose manual, and, though outside the time limit, Chad Kerley’s nose manual and Mike “Hucker” Clark’s Hang 5 to front flip. At the end of the Park session, it was Mongoose team captain Kevin Peraza that came away with the win - during his run he landed a huge 360 downside over the spine.

Mongoose Jam ends with the Street Comp, in which it will be decided who takes home the $50,000 prize purse.

Park Comp Top Five Individual

1. Kevin Peraza (Team Peraza, Mongoose)
2. Dennis Enarson (Team Wallace)
3. Daniel Sandoval (Team McCann)
4. Jeremiah Smith (Team McCann)
5. Kyle Baldock (Team White)

Overall Team Standings (Day 2)
1. Team McCann and Team Peraza (tie)
3. Team Illingworth
4. Team Wallace
5. Team White
6; Team Ryan

Mongoose Jam Street Comp and Final Results

The Mongoose Jam Street Comp took place at Camp Woodward Target Plaza. The Street Comp was the third and final competition in the Mongoose Jam, and the results decided who would take home the glory and the largest portion of the $50,000 prize.

Campers cheered on the teams as everyone gathered in Target Plaza. The riders went in three heats and competed in three different zones, showing off a variety of skills. Highlights included Chad Kerley’s 540 off the ledge and Jeremiah Smith’s 180 whip down the stairs. Despite being out of his usual Park environment and riding Street, Mongoose team captain Kevin Peraza pulled off some crazy lines and placed second.

After an incredible day, it was Kerley (Team Wallace) who won the Street Comp. 

Riders then met to hear which team was going home with the win. Team McCann was stoked to hear their names announced - taking home the Mongoose Jam win by totaling the most points overall in Dirt, Park, and Street. Amateur rider Colton Walker was also awarded a free week at Woodward and a Mongoose Legion.

For more information on the Mongoose Jam and riders, check out

Street Comp Top Five Individual

1. Chad Kerley (Team Wallace)
2. Kevin Peraza
3. Jeremiah Smith
4. Connor Lodes
5. Matt Ray (amateur camper)

Overall Team Standings (Final)

1. Team McCann
2. Team Peraza
3. Team Wallace
4. Team Illingworth
5. Team Ryan
6. Team White

All still images: Mongoose/Dolecki


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