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A few of our favorites to anticipate for 2014

Times are a changing and the Interbike trade show may not be the place to see the cutting edge anymore, heck, most of the products we have seen are already available at your local shop or through your favorite mail order, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few gems tucked in the folds here and there. Here are a few of the cool bits we found and be sure to check back for more as we wrap up a final day of digging up the cutting edge and futuristic ideas that await BMX.

The new Impact clipless shoes from 5.10 break the mold for this brand. In years past they have been known for their super heavy shoes, but that has all changed for 2014. The Impacts are one of the lightest shoes in their category and are sure to be a staple for BMX Racing in the months to come.

As if Answer’s wheels werent light enough, they have managed to shave a few grams from both their full line of wheels and even a few ounces from their Mini wheels which were already the lightest on the market. Crazy! Check out Mariana’s Custom Olympic Wheels.

Box has three new carbon bars for Mini, Junior and Expert riders. The bars are insanely lightweight, starting at 5.7-ounces and will cost under $150, which by comparison, it pretty cheap for hand laid carbon bars.

HEY! Still full of excuses when it comes to why your not riding BMX kicks? Allow Etnies to help you put your non-BMX shoes in your mouth. Support your sport and buy BMX and co-branded shoe models like the Number, Brake, United and Deharts.

Dont want to break the bank for a helmet cam that perches over your head like a two pound vulture? Check out the new lids from Bult with integrated helmet cams. For less then $150 you can get a CPSC helmet with more then an hour of record time. Three models will be available with different record times and image quality to suit rider needs.

Cliq’s new Carbon fork was at the show paired up with the Haro Clutch frame and it looks super clean. Even better is it will be available as an aftermarket fork to suit any bike with a tapered headtube, meaning more options for the growing number of high end frames with 1 1/2” to 1 1/8” tapered headtubes.

KHE is back at it in the internal detangler market but this time there are no bulky headtubes or specialty parts. A notch in the headtube and the proper fork will allow a rider to toss the bars infinitely with only one cable in and one cable out. Look for more on this design, we cant wait to see it in production.

Kink is one of many companies offering an expanded clothing line. Why are we telling you this? Because you should be wearing it or someone might mistake you for a scooter pusher.

The new Failure Mainiac frame is super cool. It is available in a Coolant color way that was drawing people in from all over the show. This is going to be a sick option for 2014.

The New Aaron Ross signature frame from Sunday may or may not be called the MotoRoss, but it will be a simplified version of last years frame to help it appeal to a broader range of riders. It will be a tic lighter and will still be packed with hi-tech internal design features but from the outside, the MotoRoss is a true sleeper.

Redline redesigned quite a bit in their line, including the dropouts on the P79 carbon. The new open ended dropouts will work with a wide range of axle sizes so no matter where the industry heads in the future the frame will remain relevant.

POC has an expanded line of helmets to suit riders from Strider bikes on up. New models boast a better fit, increased adjustability and more full face options for racers and freestyle riders.

Shred optics is a new to BMX brand that is sponsoring Ryan Nyquist and looking to offer riders cool eye wear options at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Look for more from these guys very soon.

The new Carbon Supercross frame? Maybe not. It is a solid mold of what the frame will eventually look like, but it still had us, including many other passers by fooled. Look for a first test with BMX Plus! very soon…Of the real deal, not this.

Tree is looking to introduce the 20mm axle concept to freestyle. They have redesigned their hub and fork to suit and are hoping they can get riders behind the idea. Surprisingly the hollow axle design is lighter then a 3/8” axle version and stronger then a 14mm version. They have out attention…

TSG’s new CPSC certified full cut helmets are here and will be in shops within a few weeks so if you are insistent on running a full cut, make it certified for about $20 more, you will live longer for it.

Vee Rubber is a new tire brand that is offering insanely lightweight tires to the race market and says they will “Change the way people shop for tires”. High quality folding beads that are lighter weight then the leading folding brands, at about $10 less and in a half dozen color options. Look for more in the mag very soon.

WD40 is back in cycling with a full line of bike specific products. So quit blanketing your bike in degreaser and start using their lubes, washes and polishing compounds for improved look and performance.










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