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Race summery from Redline!

REDLINE REIGNS IN PHOENIX:  3 Elite Wins out of 4 podium spots!

With UCi “Country points” now on the line - to determine how many riders a country will get to send to the 2012 Olympics, there was a larger-than-normal International turnout at the ABA Winternationals in Phoenix, Arizona.
And among the Foreign comp were Redline’s Global Team members from Canada, Japan, The Netherlands and Australia.

Joining them, of course, were USA’s ALISE POST and DENZEL STEIN; who both looked incredibly strong this weekend and have been training hard at the U.S. Olympic Training Center with their fulltime residency.

SATURDAY: With the Arizona sun shining, the Dutch team dropped out one by one through the quarters and semi’s - as well as Denzel. And by the time the Elite Mens main lined up, there was only one REDLINE Factory rider in the gate o’ 8 .... SAM WILLOUGHBY.
So far this year, Sam has found himself in the mains 90% of the time.
Once the gate slammed, it was Argentina’s Christian Bercerine out front, but our Aussie mate was reelin’ him in through the tough pro section and nearly closed the gap by the finishline. Score Sam with a close 2nd place.

ALISE POST also found herself on the second tier of the Elite podium, after duking it out down the first straightaway with (ex-Redline) UK’s Shanaze Reade.
But in JR.ELITE, it was all Canada~Redline’s TORY NYHAUG’s race - and he held off the hard charging Connor Fields to score his first Jr victory of the season.

SUNDAY: You’ve got to give it up for Phoenix weather forecasters. They called for rain to start up around 11:00; and after some misty drizzles during the motos and quarters, the skies opened up for the semi’s and was raining cats ‘n dogs by main-time.
The slick track conditions always makes for some excitement, and sent most of the Redline team scrambling for a tire changes. Some guys swapped over to TIOGA Comp-X tires, while guys like Denzel stuck with their Powerblocks. The Dutch crew invaded the Redline toolbox and confiscated all of Carne$’ zip-ties, to add some side traction to their treads. And it almost worked for MARTIJN SCHERPEN, who was feeling comfortable in the 4th place transfer position in his semi, until he got slammed over the berm in a last-ditch move for the main.

Perhaps the biggest suprise of the entire weekend was watching the Japanese riders in the mud. Who would’ve guessed that Redline’s MASA SAMPEI and his fellow countryman Akafumi Sakamoto were mudders?! They breezed thru their quarters and semis and both found themselves in the muddy main. This was a HUGE accomplishment for Japan. Only a few years ago, they were struggling to make single-A mains, and now here Japan had two in the Big Show. In fact, in one moto, Masa was seen snappin’ the Olympic Gold medalist - Maris Stromsberg!
Chalk this up as a sign of the times - as International riders are all stepping up their game and closing in on the same level of American BMX pros.

Again, in JR.ELITE, it was all TORY NYHAUG. He doubled his score with yet another win - this time in the slip-‘n-slide track conditions.
In ELITE WOMEN, ALISE “The Beast” was the favorite going in, after losing Shanaze in the semi. It was all hers to win or slide-out trying. The good news was that she was able to stay upright from start to finish and laid down the gauntlet to grab the big 1st place check. Better news yet - is that Dutch Redline rider JOYCE SEESING was right on Post’s tail and made it a Redline 1-2 finish, with her 2nd place score.

Due to mass crashes in the semis, the Elite main was mostly made up of 7 first-time AA-main makers and 1 “regular”—SAM WILLOUGHBY. Blocking out any fear of the mud, the Aussie snapped hard to holeshot and pulled away from the pack as if the track were smooth and hardpacked. Sam made it look easy by jumping the third straight and then played it safe thru the rhythm section to score his first AA-pro victory of the year.
Japan’s Masa Sampei crossed the finish in 7th place - helping make Japanese BMX history, and giving Japan some precious “Country” points towards earning a spot in the Olympics games.
Last September, the UCi found out the hardway why they need to keep their TV helicopter away from the track. During practice, the whirly-bird flew over top of the riders as they skied the 40-foot first jump. The helicopter sucked all of the air out from underneath the riders - and BOOM! Major crash. To our dismay, the one rider who got the worst of it was Redline’s French Olympian DAMIEN GODET. In the crash, he was knocked out and suffered a badly broken wrist.  Ever since then, Godet has been recovering and this month, made his big comeback for the first race of the French Cup.
Looking strong as ever in some qualifiers, Godet made it to the finals on Day One, and was battlin’ to the line for the third rung of the podium but couldn’t quite muster the power to pull it off. He’d have to settle for 4th place in his comeback.

Taking place on the same weekend, on two opposite sides of the World, France and Phoenix had a coupla things in common - wild weather and a big contingent of Foreign competition.
While ABA racers in Arizona were battling with rain - that weather was nothing compared to what the French Cup race had. A snow blizzard and freezing cold conditions were tougher on the competitors than the track itself. And just like Phoenix, racers had come from all over - Netherlands, Germany, Belguim, Swiss, Italy ... the list goes on. With 1,200 riders, it was a successful event to kick off Europe’s 2010 season. Among the Redline riders in attendance was the Norway National BMX team - who will all be aboard Redline bikes thru 2012. One of the fastest Elite riders during the entire weekend was French rider JORIS DAUDET - who is now racing aboard a REDLINE, thru his DN-1 team. Keep an eye out and an ear open for this guy - as he will be a contender for the French Olympic team.
Norway scored a Jr Elite win on Day One, thanks to the uber-quick Alex Birkeland. With the entire Norwegian National Team aboard Redline bikes, we can expect to see them stepping up their game in the next few years.

RESULTS - Day 1:
1. Thomas HAMON (DN2 Nord-Pas-de- Calais)
2. Jordy VAN DER HEIJDEN (Hollande)
3. Pablo GUTIERREZ (BMX Club des Pennes Mirabeau)
4. Damien GODET (REDLINE -France Global Team)
7. Joris DAUDET (Stade Bordelais BMX on REDLINE)
8. Matthieu DESPEAUX (Stade Bordelais BMX on REDLINE)

1. Laëtitia LE CORGUILLE (St Brieuc BMX)
2. Amélie DESPEAUX (Stade Bordelais BMX on a REDLINE)
3. Vilma RIMSAITE (Lituanie)
6. Camille MEYRAN (Stade Bordelais BMX on a REDLINE)
7. Stéphany HERNANDEZ (Redline Lyon Dardilly)

1. Aleksander BIRKELAND (Norvège REDLINE)
2. Adrien LEBLANC (Bi Club Chapellois)
3. Benjamin JANSSENS (DN2 Nord-Pas-de-Calais)

RESULTS - Day 2:
1. Arnaud DUBOIS (BMX Club des Pennes Mirabeau)
2. Joris DAUDET (Stade Bordelais BMX on a REDLINE) 
8. Matthieu DESPEAUX (Stade Bordelais BMX on a REDLINE)

1. Laëtitia LE CORGUILLE (St Brieuc BMX)
2. Eva AILLOUD (BMX Compiègne - Clairoix)
3. Manon VALENTINO (St Etienne BMX GT) 
5. Amélie DESPEAUX (Stade Bordelais BMX on a REDLINE)
6. Stephany HERNANDEZ (Redline ~ Lyon Dardilly)

1. Benjamin JANSSENS (DN2 Nord-Pas-de-Calais)
2. Adrien LEBLANC (Bi Club Chapellois)
3. Thomas DOUCET (Stade Bordelais BMX on a REDLINE)
4. Morgan BREHINIEZ (Stade Bordelais BMX on a REDLINE)
8. Aleksander BIRKELAND (Norvège REDLINE)


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