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Red Bull Stomping Ground is no match for mother nature. Rain, wind and plenty of mud challenge the riders, builders and staff.


We just got back from Red Bull’s first Stomping Ground event and like many, we were overly excited to see just what kind of event would take place, when the most talented builders and riders were combined to create the ultimate dirt jumping event. With three weeks, rather then three days to build and a few days, rather then a few hours to practice, it was shaping up to be the best dirt event ever, that is until, the weather set in. The rain fell on and off all weekend, but troopers as they were, the riders hopped on the dirt every chance they got and helped to cover them up again with tarps when the rain began to fall again.
The open qualifying was run in and ever condensed fashion, stripping the planned best of two runs, plus a jam session qualifying down to a best of one run scoring. Not ideal, but with the wind and rain, it was better then nothing. While making it through the section without crashing was just about all it took to advance, Adam Aloise wasn’t about to take any chances and dominated qualifying to move into the finals.


Waiting out the weather the event was slated to carry on early Saturday morning, but again, poor weather was imminent. Doing their best to slam the event into high gear, the wait for TV and staff preparation again pushed the event to the edge of the falling rain. Getting in their first runs in the wind and light drizzle and most of the second runs in steady rain, the jumps were again covered and the riders huddled out the worst of it under the scattered umbrellas around the course. Cursing the foul weather, a decision had to be made, that being, the top three spots would be chosen and the jam session could be run at the riders own discression as the rain continued to fall. Most of the riders rode until it started coming down in buckets before running for cover to watch the awards handed out with a warm Chipotle burrito in hand.
In the end it was a rough first year for the event, but all we can do is hope it doesn’t have a negative effect on the event in the years to come. We loved the idea of working elements of the city of Chicago into the trails, like a rolled over cab and various cement structures, as well as the end result when Fuzzy and crew had plenty of time to get the section right, without all the time constraints. All in all, it was a great event, that was spoiled by poor weather, but judging by the action that took place during the dry spells, it was plain to see the enthusiasm wasn’t all ours, and the riders will surely be fighting for their spot in next years Red Bull Stomping Ground.


Final Results
1: Brandon Dosch
2: Chris Doyle
3: Mike Clark
4: Dennis Enarson
5: Ryan Nyquist
6: Corey Bohan
7: Ryan Guettler
8: Drew Bezanson
9: Cameron White
10: TJ Ellis

Brandon Dosch with a tailwhip over the monster gap, winning himself a years supply of Chipotle Burritos.

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