NEWS: Matador Media Event Number Two
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Ever wonder what it is like to go white water rafting with one of the best riders in BMX? Read on to find out.

Last year before the final round of the Dew Tour we were lucky enough to have the chance to go to the Richard Petty (Nascar) driving school in Florida with the Matador crew.

Skip ahead to this year and we were invited on a white water rafting trip up in Lake Tahoe. The point of a media based event is for the company (in this case Matador) to bring out media people from all different outlets and fill them in on what is new with the company, what new products are dropping and what direction they are going. All that as well as getting the chance to hang with the athletes themselves.

The Matador crew consists of BMX rider Dennis Enarson, Snowboarder Scotty Lago and Skateboarder Adam Taylor.

Check below for a few photos from the trip.

For more info and to see what is new with Mr. Enarson himself check out

If you know Dennis, he is always down to have a good time whether it be on or off his bike he makes the most out of any situation! Here he is hanging out the night before at a sweet hotel in Tahoe after a little Matador dinner.

The Matador Team…Dennis, Adam and Scotty.

No matter how hard we all tried; we just didn’t look very cool in the wetsuits. But, to be honest the water was so darn cold that if we didn’t have them, we definitely wouldn’t have survived the trip! We split up into teams and each different raft were judged on certain things throughout the day and awards were given for best boat, bold moves and other fun stuff.

Dennis had the craziest move of the trip when he jumped from one raft to the other spider man style and ended up ripping teammate Adam Taylor right off of his raft full on backflip style! It was rad.

This sums up the day pretty well. It was an action packed day on the river surrounded by mountains and an overall sick view. What we learned was that no matter what kind of situation you put BMX’ers in, fun is bound to happen and we spent just as much time backflipping off our raft and ripping other people off of theirs as we did floating down the river.

Thanks to Matador for an amazing day, they really are a company that is doing it right and having Dennis Enarson on board just makes everything that much more legit. Dennis is down to have fun and the when the next event goes down, we will be the first volunteers!

Click HERE to go directly to Dennis’ team page.


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