NEWS: X GAMES 16 Street Elimination and Vert Finals
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Take a look at some of today’s X GAMES madness!

Today was Street elimination and man was it rad. The course was a lot less gnarly than last year but more technical for sure. The format also changed and with riders having to take individual runs and having the best one count; the pressure was on! Guys like Ty Morrow, Garrett Reynolds, Danny Hickerson, Dakota Roche and Dennis Enarson all absolutely killed it.

Some highlights include Enarson’s 540 and 180 double whip up the wedge gap, Garrett’s nollie 180 bar down the stairs, Aaron Ross’s feeble up the ledge to 180 whip off and plenty more. Make sure you tune in and check out all the the X Games highlights on the tube if you are not lucky enough to be there in person.

2010 X Games Street Elimination Results
(*Top 10 ride in finals.)
1. Ty Morrow - 89.66 (Tie)
2. Garrett Reynolds - 89.66 (Tie)
3. Dennis Enarson - 89.66 (Tie)
4. Danny Hickerson - 88.00 (Tie)
5. Dakota Roche - 88.00 (Tie)
6. Josh Harrington - 87.66
7. Sean Sexton - 86.00
8. Brad Simms - 85 - 85.66
9. Brian Kachinsky - 85.00 (Tie)
10. Aaron Ross - 85.00 (Tie)
11. Dan Lacey - 84.66
12. Nathan Williams - 83.33
13. Kevin Kiraly - 80.33
14. Corey Martinez - 56.00
15. Sean Burns - 16.66

Vert was pretty amazing as well. There were a few gnarly crashes and lineup changes throughout the finals but it all worked out pretty well. Nothing groundbreaking went down but it was a solid contest and everyone seemed to be riding pretty well.

2010 X Games Vert Results
1. Jamie Bestwick - 90
2. Simon Tabron - 80
3. Steven McCann - 80
4. Chad Kagy - 79
5. Coco Zurita - 70


Jamie Bestwick rules…There is no doubt about it. It seems insane to think that one rider can be the best rider on the planet but in Jamie’s case it is true. No one would argue that either. Huge tuck while floating above the deck. Winning this gold medal seemed to be child’s play for Jamie.

The voice behind many of the pro contests of the year. Catfish is always entertaining and never ceases to impress with his knowledge of BMX.

Dan Lacey made his debut at X Games 16 and ended up killing it. He has some of the smoothest tricks in the street elimination. Here is a perfect example of a hangover tooth.

Chad Kagy put in work and ended up placing 4th. We feel like he could have placed a little higher with his flawless flair double whip but to be honest, everyone killed it so we are just glad we aren’t the judges.

Nathan Williams rode the street course with some style and flow and ended up surprising some people by not making finals. Crankarm grind mid-run.

Kevin Kiraly, Josh Harrington and Aaron Ross all rode awesome and it was cool to see all the riders so hyped up on the contest.

Coco has been showing some serious amplitude on the vert ramp lately. He is blasting almost just as high as Bestwick which is really really high. His flairs and flair whips are so dialed it’s insane.

Sean Sexton arguably has some of the best street moves in the game and placing 7th was just a taste of things to come.


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