NEWS: Nike 6.0 BMX Open
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Check out a story from the judges tower along with a few photos from the comp…

Nike 6.0 HB BMX Pro –
DAY OF FINALS RECAP from the Judges Tower
Written by Leigh Ramsdell

A few people woke up early this morning to clean the course for the finals of the Nike 6.0 HB BMX Pro. When we arrived to practice with the finalists it seemed like any other day of riding our BMX bikes. Everyone was joking around and getting in some last minute practice before the big event but I knew that on the inside they had to be antsy as there was big money on the line. The fact that anyone of these ten riders could walk away with first place and 25 grand just made it that much more exciting as I settled into my judges chair.

Brett gettin’ busy mid-trip whip

One of the fastest guys on the course, Brandon Dosch started his run with a 360 double whip over the long box and also nailed a triple whip plus he jokingly looked at us judges to make sure we were paying attention during a foot jam. A few too many blank walls had him in tenth place. During an earlier practice Ryan Guettler injured his shoulder again and decided to let Andy Buckworth (who was in eleventh place) ride instead. That was pretty awesome of Ryan because if he just rolled in he would have made $2000. Andy seemed to play it a little safer in his runs but still front flipped the long box and did a 360 double down-side whip and a perfect 900 to tie for eighth. Who did he tie with? Hold your horses I’m getting to that, jeez. It was Craig Mast who tied with Andy. Craig was just slightly off his runs from yesterday but still threw down. He started by 720ing into the Shark Tank followed by a big 540 on the quarter. But two tricks that no one else did were his front flip flair and a huge tailwhip front flip. Pat Casey started his run with a front flip on the long box straight to flair whip the quarter pipe after it then a decade into the Shark Tank. He also did one of his crazy 360 double whips just slightly casing coming in. He also tried a trick that he just learned in practice. It was a barspin into a rolling vader footjam that just went wrong. When Pat’s seventh place score was announced the crown booed us so loud. After the angry mob settled down Garrett Reynolds dropped in to a run that was filled with 270’s and barspins. His truck drivers to table 360’s over the long box are so awesome as are his 540 barspin catch barspin and no-handed 270 to barspin. His quick hands earned him sixth.

Enarson with a barspin to barspin back

Our first place qualifier dropped in trying to hold onto that spot. He did a barspin to whip on the quarter then decaded into the Shark Tank straight to superman seatgrab over the jersey barrier. His 270 superman seatgrab is awesome too but it seemed like his lines today didn’t have the same power as yesterday and wound up with a still great fifth. The youngest guy of the finals, Brett Banasiewicz put some serious pressure on the older guys with moves like a no-handed front flip over the long box while clapping his hands behind his back, a 720 and a flair whip for an impressive fourth. Breaking into the top three, Dennis Enarson double whipped the long box, did a barspin cannonball and nailed his tailwhip transfer to the wallride but his downside pedal stall on the wallride fence was so crazy. Give Mr. Enarson third place! Daniel Dhers came out on fire with a no-handed 720, a no-footed can-can to 360 whip, a double 360 tailwhip over the long box and double whipped the channel for second place. Ryan Nyquist loves a great come back-story. He actually lived one in this contest. He barely made it into qualifying and then came back to nail down the first place run. Ryan started with a double truck over the long box straight into a double barspin 540 then going back to the long box to do a no-footed can-can nothing on it. He also trucked over the jersey barrier and let loose a barspin 720 but it was the perfect 810 over the hip that sealed the deal and earned him the first place spot. Congrats Ryan and all the competitors that put it all on the line during the Nike 6.0 HB BMX Pro.


The event wound down, Ryan Nyquist accepted his oversized check and everyone left with smiles on their faces. I can’t wait for next year to see what everyone brings to the table and also for a chance to riding on an amazing course.

1. Ryan Nyquist 93.25 - $25,000
2. Daniel Dhers 91.00 - $15,000
3. Dennis Enarson 90.75 - $10,000
4. Brett Banasiewicz 90.50 - $8,000
5. Jeremiah Smith 90.25 - $7,000
6. Garrett Reynolds 89.00 - $6,000
7. Pat Casey 86.75 - $5,000 (tied with Andy and Craig but won the tie-breaker)
8. Andy Buckworth 86.75 - $1750 (tied with Craig and split 8th place purse)
8. Craig Mast 86.75 - $1750 (tied with Andy and split 8th place purse)
10. Brandon Dosch 84.25 - $2,000


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