NEWS: Stephen Murray’s First Hand on Fuel TV
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If you know Stephen Murray, or even if you’ve heard of him, you won’t want to miss this



“Firsthand: Stephen Murray”
Sunday, September 5, 2010, 8:00pm ET/PT

Pro to Paraplegic, See Stephen Murray’s New Life In This Heartfelt and Inspirational Episode of “Firsthand”

Airing Sunday, September 5, at 8:00pm Eastern Time (5:00pm Pacific Time), and re-airing several more times during the next month, BMX pro Stephen Murray stars in FUEL TV’s signature 30-minute series “Firsthand.”

In this heartfelt “Firsthand,” we look at X Games Gold Medalist Stephen Murray’s life after the crash that left him paralyzed from the shoulders down.

We start off with a look at STAY STRONG’S First Annual Dirt Jump Contest, a contest held to support Stephen and other paralyzed athletes. Next, we dive into Stephen’s personal life, and learn what it’s like to go from a BMX pro to being confined to a wheel chair. We meet Stephen’s caregiver, girlfriend, and kids; and see what keeps this guy going with such a positive attitude. We watch family interaction at home, as Stephen encourages his son to ride dirt tracks. Then, we follow Stephen as he donates his old handicapped van to a family whose son is also confined to a wheelchair and needs proper transportation.

Next, we check out Stephen’s rehabilitation schedule and see the mental determination and devotion it takes for someone to overcome the challenges of paralysis. With all that has happened, Stephen still has an incredibly positive perspective on life.

Stephen Murray’s sponsors include: Oakley and Rockstar.

You can watch Stephen Murray’s episode of “Firsthand” on


several weeks after it airs on FUEL TV. It will also be available to download from iTunes for $1.99.

“Stephen Murray Firsthand” Air Dates:
Sunday – 9/5/2010                     8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PT
Sunday – 9/5/2010                     11:00 PM ET / 8:00 PM PT
Monday - 9/06/2010         10:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM PT
Monday - 9/06/2010         1:00 AM ET / 10:00 PM PT
Tuesday - 9/07/2010         9:30 PM ET / 6:30 PM PT
Wednesday - 9/08/2010               8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PT
Wednesday - 9/08/2010               11:00 PM ET / 8:00 PM PT
Wednesday - 9/08/2010               12:30 AM ET / 9:30 PM PT
Saturday - 9/11/2010                 1:30 PM ET / 10:30 AM PT
Wednesday - 9/22/2010               11:00 PM ET / 8:00 PM PT
Friday - 12/10/2010           8:30 AM ET / 5:30 AM PT

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