NEWS: Benefit Bike Auction for Josh Eilken
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Help out a fellow rider and get a sweet ride at the same time!

Josh Eilken Benefit Bike Auction
“Last month while Madera was on Road Fools, Josh Eilken clipped on a massive 360 gap. Josh suffered a pretty serious injury—broken jaw, broken teeth, and damage to his ear. But, being the trooper that he is, he was able to get out of the hospital after 5 days and is well on his way to a full recovery and getting back on his bike full time.

The Athlete Recovery Fund has been amazingly helpful. They have been on board since day one doing their best to help Josh and his family with medical bills. But, considering Josh has not been able to work over the past month, we wanted to help him out with some support to square him away with day to day expenses.

So, we—Matt Coplon and Lucas Porzio with help from Profile—have pieced together our components to build up this complete. A good portion of these components are early/one-off prototype Profile and Country Bikes parts. Any and all money that we get from the sale of this bike will go straight to Josh Eilken and his family.

Here’s what we’re offering and thanks for the support!

-Matt Coplon

Frame: Lucas Porzio’s 21’ T-1 Ruben. One of the last Ruben frames made in the states.
Forks: Brand new FBM Chopper forks.
Bars: Matt Coplon’s prototype Country 711 Bars.
Grips: ODI.
Stem: Discontinued brown 40’ load stem with black cap (46mm)
Cranks: Brand new 175mm Black No-Boss cranks with GDH chromo Spindle
Front Wheel: Orange Profile mini 3/8 with Sun Envy Rim.
Back Wheel: Coplon’s discontinued LHD brown mini hub. 14mm GDH chromo axle with chromo 9t driver (all new internals, axle and driver)
Tires:Brand new Animal ASM tires.
Seat Post Clamp: Profile slim jim in gold.
Seat: Coplon’s prototype Country seat/post combo.
Sprocket: Coplon’s prototype 25t gold spline drive sprocket.
Pedals: Brand new Animal plastic.

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