NEWS: Redline Update headed to the Grands
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We will be there in Tulsa, OK next week. Check out how the Redline team is looking ahead of time.



After a long 11 months of racing all around the country, there is only one more weekend left to go; kickin’ it off with the Race of Champions on Friday, followed by the “Greatest Race on Earth” - the ABA Grands. Held at the QuikTrip Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma over Thanksgiving weekend, this 4 day BMX festival has never failed to bring out the best in every BMX racer who attends. Not only is this the final ABA BMX National of the season; where all eleven of the No.1 silver Cups are handed out, but finishes count for double points - so, if you win the main event here in your age class, it also drastically boosts your point standings toward a National Age Group plate.

This year, TEAM REDLINE is leading three of the eight rider categories - WOMENS ELITE, AA-PRO/ELITE and CRUISER. At the top of the points charts (practically throughout this entire year) are Minnesota’s ALISE POST, Aussie sensation SAM WILLOUGHBY and Arizona’s GEORGE GOODALL. Not since 2006 has Redline’s hot factory squad gone in to Tulsa in three of the eight hot-seats.
But that’s not all - Team Redline also has a fourth long shot chance at the Girls Cruiser titles, thanks to reigning Champion CARLY DYAR.
ELITE WOMEN: Two girls; each with 2 consecutive years of ABA No.1 titles and seven titles between them both.
Alise Post followed up her 2001 and 2004 No.1 Girl titles with back-to-back No.1 Womens Pro titles in ‘06 and ‘07. Similarly, Dominique followed up her 2007 No.1 Girl title with back-to-back No.1 Womens Pro titles the past two years. And after Daniels raced Jr.Womens

“For me and Dom, it will probably go down to the final main,” predicts Alise, who is one of USA’s top candidates for the 2012 Olympic Games. “For the Grands, ABA will be going with three mains, so that will add excitement since we haven’t done 3-mains all year long. Once we get to Tulsa and see what they’ve created with all that dirt, we’ll see who the track favors. If there’s a pro section, look out for myself and Brooke Crain. We’ll also have some good International competition - such as Caroline Buchanan from Australia; who can also mix things up for the title chase. I’m excited,” summed up Alise. “It’s going to FUN.”

ELITE MEN / AA-PRO: With a mere 53 points separating the Aussie points leader from the No.2 seeded Latvian Olympic Gold medalist, the battle for ABA’s No.1 Pro plate this year is bound to be insane. Sam has been super consistent this year with 23 mains and 15 podiums this year, compared to Maris’ 15 mains and 9 podium finishes - although when it comes to overall wins, “The Machine” from Latvia has tallied up 7 of them to Sam’s 4. After these two battled head to head in the UCi Supercross series, BMX history is bound to be made in Tulsa - either way it turns out.

“It’s all excitement!,” says Sam, who took time out from building up his new 2011 Redline Flight bike for Tulsa, to talk about the long awaited showdown. “It’s always been a childhood dream of mine to be up for the ABA pro title.  I’m going in to Tulsa as prepared as I can be. All I have to do is do what I can do, and not worry about what you can’t control. That’s pretty much my game plan. We’ll find out on Sunday if it all comes out in my favor.”
As a final word or warning to his competition, Sam added, “I did good at the Disney Cup and I felt like I was at 90% there. For Tulsa, I will be at my full 110%.”

41-45 CRUISER: Check the points. Do you see the common denominator? That’s right; it’s 41-45 cruiser. With four of the Top-5 in Cruiser points all racing in the same class - and all four of these guys about 99% guaranteed to make the final, this will be one main event on Sunday night that you won’t want to blink for at least 35 seconds.

“It’ll be crazy,” summed up Gorgeous George. “Half of our 8-man gate in the main can literally be up for the No.1 Cruiser championship. And you know that with so much on the line, there’s going to be some elbows thrown and it’ll be a race to the finish. With so much on the line in the 41-45 year old cruiser class, we’ll see who chokes under the pressure and who can handle it.”
George is the reigning No.1 Cruiser champ from last year; and hopes to retain his No.1 plate. “It’s been great running the No.1 this year, and hopefully I can hold on to it for another year,” Goodall summed up.


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