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2010 ABA Grand Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma are a wrap!

It’s over. Another ABA Grands in the bag. Wow!!! That is all we have to say. This year’s Grands were insane. Amazing racing, battles all weekend long, crazy injuries, upsets and more.

If you weren’t there, we feel for you! You should have been.

The pro classes all went off during mains. They went back to the traditional “3 main” event format for the pros which was awesome. It just made for a much more exciting show. Sam Willoughby walked away with the title winning (if we remember correctly) every single moto he raced all weekend long. Be sure to look out for Sam in the Olympics because he is on the fast track straight to a gold medal.

Dominique Daniels got the title again while Alise Post was out with a broken leg. The girls racing was pretty intense though and there were some good battles between Dominique, Brooke Crain and Caroline Buchanon. Tory Nyhaug stole the show with the win for the single A class. Him and Dennison were riding super hard all weekend long and both put in solid laps.  Greg Romero ended up with the overall in the Vet class and Barry Nobles stole the show in pro cruiser and also walked with the Title for 2011 while Kenth Fallon walked with the Vet title.

Overall it was an amazing weekend of riding, fun and good times. Check below for some photos and results and make sure to grab a copy of the March issue of the magazine which will feature a full feature-length article on the Grands with exclusive interviews with Sam Willoughby and other top pros!!!

Sam Willoughby could not be stopped this weekend and landed himself a AA Pro title.

Every class was a treat to watch the entire weekend from the young guns, to the girls, to the top dogs.

DK bicycles were in the house!

The pits were a good time all weekend long. Anything you wanted/needed was right there.

The track was dialed. Good rhythm, big jumps, lots of room for passing and good line selection.

Alise Post was out with a broken leg and had to watch from the sidelines. Hopefully she can be on it soon.

Check out some RESULTS from the 3 MAIN EVENT SERIES

AA PRO (35 Riders)
1 Sam Willoughby
2 Marc Willers
3 Danny Caluag
4 Nic Long
5 Corben Sharrah
6 Corey Reid
7 Barry Nobles
8 Gavin Lubbe

GIRLS PRO (13 Riders)
1 Caroline Buchanan
2 Samantha Cools
3 Dominique Daniels
4 Brooke Crain
5 Amanda Geving
6 Taylor Wolcott
7 Alaina Henderson
8 Ashley Verhagen

PRO (26 Riders)
1 Greg Romero
2 Kenth Fallen
3 Percy Owens
4 John Purse
5 Tim Dinger
6 Nick Tuttle
7 Joey Albright
8 Chad Street

PRO CRUISER (14 Riders)
1 Barry Nobles
2 Gavin Lubbe
3 Corben Sharrah
4 Danny Caluag
5 Matt Baisley
6 Tyler Brown
7 Josh Meyers
8 Mitch Ropelato

A PRO (44 Riders)
1 Tory Nyhaug
2 Dennison Smith
3 Thomas Fernandez
4 Lee Lewis
5 Logan Collins
6 Scott McMahon
7 Jason Morris
8 Maik Baier


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