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Straight from the wheels of Pro Flatlander Kip Williamson

Whether you are a tech street rider or a dedicated flatlander, there are some tricks that you simply have to learn. These building block flatland tricks will open the door to new street links and flat combos you never thought you had in you. So straight from the wheels of Pro Flatlander Kip Williamson, come the Flatland 5 every rider should know that will make their overall riding five times better. -


X Arm Hang Nothing: 

If hang nothings are easy, here’s a trick to test your skills.  Start at a slow to medium speed.  Put your left foot on the left front peg, and your back foot on the right back peg, or you can stand on the right pedal, whichever is more comfortable for you to start.  Either way, your right pedal should be straight down.  Cross your arms before you push into the hang five.  This will seem really weird at first, but over time it will become more normal-feeling.  Push into the hang five and try to lock your arms while sitting on the seat.  Find your balance point as quickly as you can and try to get comfortable.  Try to sit on the heel of the seat, and when your right/balancing leg is straight down, take your other foot off.  Your legs should do the same thing they would do during a normal hang nothing.  You can do this trick in circles as well.  Prepare to take some falls on this one, but with some practice, you will get this trick!


Split leg steam roller (no footed) : 

So you got steam rollers dialed and you’re looking for more of a challenge?  Roll forward with medium speed.  Place your right pedal straight down.  I start with my bars backwards for optimal space.  Kick the back end in front of you just as you would a normal steam roller.  You need to get the heel of the seat in your left hand.  Once you get your balance, lean forward slightly and slide the left grip inside your left leg (which is standing on the peg).  Once you get the split leg part of the trick under control, regain your balance once again.  Then place the backside of your left knee and rest it on your grip.  Once you feel somewhat comfortable on the grip, take that foot off the peg, and you are now floating without your feet touching anything.  Your right leg should be slightly behind you, while your left leg will be slightly in front of you and will be straight down.  Your back leg will be doing 90 percent of the balancing during this trick.  A tip for doing this trick is to focus on the back of your leg, on your grip.  To pull out of it, just put your left foot back on the peg, and get back into the steam roller, and ride out any way you like!


Forward Karl Kruzer: 

This trick is very similar to a hang five, except you’re on the side of the bike instead of straddling it.  If you have a front peg on your left side, you are ready to go!  Roll forward at a slow to medium speed.  Your right pedal should be straight down.  I start with my balancing leg (right) on the back peg, and my left foot on the front peg.  Push forward and lift up with your back foot at the same time.  Catch the seat with your right hand, while keeping the bike steady with your left hand.  The balancing position of this trick is different than the spot you will catch the seat in right at first.  Your right leg is used for balance the same way you would control a hang five.  Lock the seat in place by using your right forearm against the back tire and drop the bars as close to the ground as you can for style.  If you stick with it, and don’t give up, this trick will be yours!


Steam roller back peg grab pump: 

Roll forward at a slow to medium speed.  Your right pedal should be straight down.  Left foot on the left front peg, right foot on the left back peg, or pedal.  Kick the frame out in front of you and grab the seat with your right hand at the same time.  Bring the back end of the bike over to your left side, which will cause the bike to go into a clockwise circle.  Once you feel control at this point, grab the back peg closest to you with your left hand.  If you haven’t noticed, you don’t have any hands on the bars anymore!  To pump the spin in this position, you basically lean back away from the bike, and then push forward quickly shifting your body weight, and repeat this cycle to continue spinning.  Go as long as you want, or as long as you can!  Just watch out for security guards trying to send you to jail for riding flatland!


Phonograph (hand pedaling mega spin): 

Like most flatland tricks, this move takes several individual steps to get into position.  Roll forward at a slower speed.  Your left pedal should be straight up and slightly forward.  Pull up into a peg wheelie while doing a half bar flip and grab the fork with your right hand at the same time.  Grab the fork up closer to the head tube for the best balancing point.  This helps keep the bike steady.  Once you have your balance, reach down with your left hand and start pedaling the bike.  As you pedal, the bike will want to go to the right in a clockwise circle.  The circle will get tighter with every turn of the crank.  One tip I’ve noticed while doing this trick is to keep your focus on your free balancing leg, and keep it straight back.  The ride-out is pretty simple; just stop pedaling the bike and you are in a mega spin.


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