RIDING TIP: Sprocket Grinds
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Learn how to sprocket grind, right here…right now. Come on, you know you want to!


“A sprocket grind is actually really similar to a feeble grind so just keep that in mind when you set out to try it. You want to approach the ledge, box, flat rail, or whatever it is you are doing it on at a fairly moderate speed. Keep in mind that you need speed to carry you through the trick and the faster the better, as long as your in control. Hop up as if you were going to feeble the ledge but keep focused on your front tire and just the same as a feeble.

Let your back end fall to the side and land on your sprocket/pedal at the same time. Once you start sliding stay low and try to hold the grind as long as you can while keeping your front wheel close to the coping or edge of the ledge. This will help keep your sprocket in the right spot. Put a bit of weight on your front wheel and try not to slam your sprocket down too hard because remember that without a sprocket guard you have the potential to snap your chain so stay light on your pedal and sprocket when grinding.

If you keep your eyes focused on the edge of the ledge and keep your front wheel straight you should have no problems getting through the grind. Hop out of it just the same as a feeble by bunny hopping and try to land both wheels at the same time and come off smooth. A good way to practice is to go super slow and just try to get on the ledge and do a sprocket stall. This will help you find the body positioning and give you a good idea what it will feel like. Once you get the feel for it, start going faster and build your speed up and eventually you will be sliding the whole ledge.

It is a rad trick that you can do almost anywhere. Good luck!”

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