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Get your Wallride on!


The wallride is an all too important trick in BMX today, and actually since the beginning of street riding years and years ago. Riders would ride up banks or wedges next to walls and start hopping onto the wall from the bank and riding across it hence the name wallride.

Now that you have had a little history lesson; let’s get started. What you want to do first is approach the wall with a good amount of speed but don’t go full on sprint at it. You want to give yourself enough room to pull back and bunnyhop before your front tire hits the wall. Ride at it at a moderate speed and as soon as you are about to hit the peak of the wedge, bank, or quarter pipe pull back as if you were going to air whatever it is you are hitting and then suck up your bike lean back and try to land on the wall with both tires at the same time. Try to set out to carve a little bit and kind of make an arch with your tires. You want to let your legs and arms compress when you hit the wall and absorb the impact. There is a fine balance between hitting the wall too hard and not hitting it hard enough. If you hit it too hard you will bounce off and get out of control. If you hit it too lightly, you wont be able to ride the wall with your wheels and will most likely slide right down. Once you are riding the wall, hold your tucked position until you feel like your about to slip off. Then at that moment pull off of the wall like a bunnyhop and keep control of your front wheel and point it back into the wedge. Ride away clean. It is that easy. Go out and find your local wallride spot. They can usually be found behind buildings or grocery stores. Any kind of wedge leading up to a wall works great. From there you can start wall riding out of quarter pipes and take it to the next level. Good Luck!

-The BMXperts

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