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Bunnyhop tips from the Pros


      If there is one question that we get enough over here to drive us screaming mad, it is “How do I bunnyhop?”  And its not because it’s a bad question, or you shouldn’t be asking, its simply because we type the same response 100 times a day and if we tell people to keep an eye on the magazine, they explain that they don’t have the patience for that and that they now hate us. So here it is haters, a bunnyhop How-To that never goes away and will be updated monthly with different tips from the pros to help you ad a little more pop to your hop.
Start off standing next to your bike, roll back with your wrists and pull the bars towards yourself to get the front wheel up off of the ground, then push the bars up and away from your body. Congratulations, your bike just bunnyhopped, now all you need to do is add yourself to the mix.
When you are on the bike the trick will be to jump up from the pedals and use the “up and out” motion of your arms to help the bike follow your feet upwards. Timing is everything, so be prepared to practice a lot. Rolling forward slowly pull back on the bars as if you were going to manual. When your front wheel is a few inches off of the ground, go light on your feet and push the bars up and away. Your first hops will be really small, but don’t stress, learning the motion and timing is the hardest part, after that, its onward and upward.
When you get the hang of little hops, try lifting the front end of the bike higher and adding a little more “pop” to your feet, jumping up from the pedals and following through with your arms to get more height. As you work your way up inch-by-inch, try tucking your knees up to your chest to allow your bike to travel further upward before your body weight stops it. In the end, the amount of “spring” you put into your leap will decide how high you can hop, but don’t be fooled, the arm motion is what’s lifting the bike off of the ground, so expect some sore forearms in the months to come.
Good Luck!

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